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  1. Yom
    Yom 2 years ago

    R.I.P Betty i will miss you

  2. Kazilabar 2 years ago

    follow me on ig @bebada_bing

  3. Vuhn
    Vuhn 2 years ago

    That face he makes at 3:40 cracked me up

  4. Tygojind
    Tygojind 2 years ago

    Today, SF air quality is purple, very unhealthy. Schools are closed. Oakland is “only red. Sacramento is horrible and has been.

  5. Yozshukasa
    Yozshukasa 2 years ago

    Thank you for the good movie, Mr. Rockwell. Ariella Ferrera is one of the most sexy beings in the universe. If I may make a suggestion, it would be amazing to see a tit-fucking movie performed by Ariella Ferrera. I believe there's nothing like sucking up inbetween those wonders.

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