She male fuck femals


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  1. Gole
    Gole 2 years ago

    She sounds insufferable, and I’m not talking about his mother.

  2. Tygozshura 2 years ago

    Wat it is

  3. Sagis 2 years ago

    This so much, Marg. Making women liable for miscarriages, that's just insane. Not to mention that doctors will also be considered liable in some of these rulings and that doctors will refuse women any treatement at all so that they won't face any potential for criminal prosecution. I just read a story about a man talking about how his wife was losing the baby in the hospital due to natural causes and the doctor on call refused to give his wife treatement because of his religious beliefs. The man said his wife almost died as they waited for the other doctor to come to the hospitial to treat her. When the other doctor came, he said that the female doctor was furious that this woman was just being left to bleed out. Apparently letting women die is okay.

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